Road Less Travelled

Finally another shoot done. This time round I had a full team, and it was really an awesome experience. Well, this is pretty much the only preview you’d get to see till I can release the pictures.

This is my new awesome luggage of doom. It is brand new, first time in use, bought specifically to carry my camera equipments and laptop while I travel, and to save my shoulders before they finally broke apart. And… it was already quite abused. It was being dragged all over the place in mud, sand and paths filled with stones. *pats poor luggage bag*

Let’s just say I almost died of heat stroke while I was on location recce for this particular shoot. I knew the development was going quite fast but I didn’t quite expected them to be -this- fast.

This location was a pleasant surprise, little disturbance, away from public yet civilization was also within reach. Perfect. I may return in the near future, hopefully most parts will still be around by then.

I am so tired and dehydrated and basically having a headache as well. Probably had too much sun today.

Twirl with My Mind

This is honestly my first time visiting the Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands ever since their launch. I’m slow, I know. And after visiting, I finally understood why do these places fascinated photographers so much, the architecture is just wonderful.

I myself would really love to have a shoot here one day. With a team that is crazy enough to get up as early as 4am in the morning lol.