2010 Recap!

It’s a glorious count of 47 shoots in total (one picture is missing from the collage because I forgot to put it in and I’m lazy to redo the collage…). About ten more as compared to last year. You’d see the gradual decrease in cosplay shoots as the year approached the end.

I think the number might go down further for the next few months, but who know? It might exploded again.

Tons of things have happened and as always, a mixture of good and ultimately bad. I’m still waiting for my break though. Well, at least I visited three countries/cities this year (Hong Kong, Sydney, Switzerland) that I’ve never visited before!

I’d be traveling out of the country again in another month’s time. Here’s hoping for new good luck in the year! See you all in 2011!

Land of Mountains and Snow Pt 1

Switzerland is a beautiful country surrounded by mountains and mountains of snow. Unfortunately the people don’t speak English. Yes you read that right, they don’t speak English. So communication was basically a problem, but thank goodness for my sister’s friend who is a local Swiss-German, we didn’t get lost in translation lol.

I’m just not talented to take marvelous scenery pictures, since I mostly looked at very small things around me.

Where the gold bars are lol.

It was actually staring at a camel.

Mountain top, about 2000 feet off ground, was freezing because the wind was so strong and I just recovered from fever…

A little birdy hopping around outside the window on the mountain top.

…To be continued! Stay tuned!


…is something that defined part of me. Just like the mixture of colors you see in the evening sky.

Sometimes it’s really nice to look back at the monstrous pile of backlogs old photos, I always managed to fish something out from within. I think I found some photos that I took when my foot was fractured (ooooh devotion lol), oh man those were the crazy and broken days.

It’s been a dry period lately. Some shoot proposals didn’t fall through unfortunately while some are still in the middle of discussions. But I think I know what I want to take for this month, and I’d find the time to do it.

2010 is almost over, time for me to do some reflections and summaries

This Little Road I Walk

Took this during my last location recce. I like doing location recce. It often led me to places that I’ve never expected to exist, and see things that I didn’t see on normal days.

There are a lot of times, I actually do not have an idea on what I’m doing. I’m a believer that when you want to chase after what you want, you do need that little rush in the head sometimes. Because without that rush, you won’t move, at all. But of course I don’t mean the kind of rush that led one towards destruction and disaster.

I’m getting more inspirations lately. There are so many beautiful works around us that I’ve never noticed, and never even knew about them before. Watching Animal Planet is also inspiring. Animals calmed me down strangely. I enjoy watching them.

It’s just so natural, and beautiful.

It’s something I want my works to show.

Starry Dates

I’ve been processing so many images these few days I swear my eyes are going to pop out of my head any time soon. I have pretty much cut down massively on cosplay shoots now, so I don’t think you’re going to see much after this post.

Cosplayers: Hiyuki and Jing


And not to forget:

Cosplayers: Zimiel and Skye

This is why Sydney sunlight is more heavenly than Singapore sunlight. Look at that LIGHT and shadows.

I’m truly the queen of procrastination… |||OTL But I’ve been productive! So I shall take a break now before my head explodes.