All Goes Wild

The first month of the new year is yet to be over, and I’ve already clocked in three shoots, though I did mention that the number of shooting should be decreasing…

And I have another shoot coming up soon, so I’d have four shoots clocked in in total for January then.

And a couple of beauty shots… There! People! I can shoot up close too!

Model: Anne Yuki
Makeup/hair: Emily Leong
Assistant: Geraldine Lim

And then a week later, I shot Toby again, this time with a newly graduated clothing designer, Sandar and I get to work with Nikki again 🙂 So here’s a preview for now:

Model: Toby K (Upfront Models)
Clothing Designer: Sandar Aung
Makeup/hair: Nikki Fu

Fur Head

When you own a camera of your own, you are free to shoot yourself anytime you wish, and anyway you want. Though I still wish there is a clone of me to help me take more challenging angles.

Oh yes I have a headache, argh argh argh /lame.

The Last and the First

Presenting to you, the last shoot in 2010 (a beauty shoot! Finally)

Model: Winnie L
Makeup/hair: Alicja Romanowska

I did something I’ve never done before on a shoot: Holding the piece of chiffon with my toes while my hands were busy with the camera. That sight was so funny I don’t think the makeup artist is able to look at me the same way again. (Un)fortunately nobody has a photo of me doing that LOL.

And… the first shoot of 2011!

Model: Toby K / Upfront Models

The second time I had an actual shoot that involves animals, and this was another chaotic one as well. Especially the geese, dammit, the geese! Urgh! The horse actually bit the model and the goat kept chewing his jacket… |||OTL

But well, at least we still get pictures! The white rabbit was so tamed, it didn’t even attempted to struggle while it was being held.