Counting the Sleep

Photography/styling: Shirley Zhong
Makeup: Sanlia
Model: Indre P / Upfront Models

Got a really bad flake some time ago, with some rush to my head due to anger and frustration, I made certain decisions. Then, once again I was slapped in the face to the fact that I just could not please everybody, as much as I would like to make everyone happy.

I know my body very well. As soon as I felt a certain amount of stress I’d start to lose sleep. Even if I don’t want to. Sleeping disorder and weird dreams every single night is not fun. I need a lot of focus right now, and desperately need to sleep enough to keep my mind fresh.

I’m counting down at the moment to the next shoot, in another 40 minutes or so. Meanwhile, here have another photo from the most recent shoot:

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Model: Nic A / One Model Management

There Goes my March

I remember staring at my almost empty March calender, and before I realized, it is starting to fill up with shoots. And then I looked again and… I’m shooting mostly male models.


I’d really love to shoot more female models. Seriously.

Things have not really gone that well despite my more and more busy schedule. I fell back into depression and had been torturing myself for days. I felt very dejected. Sleeping disorder didn’t make it any better.

Been distracting myself at the same time planning and scheduling shoots, so I’d not go insane or too depressed. There are so much things that I need to do.

Back in that Room

This is one of those days, that I need to be alone all on my own. My head is in so much mess now that I could not think straight.

Reflections, reflections and more reflections. Something I keep doing every once in a while, especially when I felt burnt out or lost. I think it’s time for another one again. But this time round it seems a bit more difficult. I somehow could not find my way out.


Before I end this short entry, let me leave one of the latest pictures I have (I have another set of pictures, but not ready to release yet):

I haven’t shot something simple for some time. This was good practice.