All Hail Retail Therapy

So I was browsing the internet (as usual) and decided to check out some blogshops. Bad decision. Because I saw things I want to buy. So I dished out my usual methods of convincing myself to spend money.

  • You can wear it
  • You can use the clothes to style your models
  • You like it
  • You just worked hard so you deserves some rewards
  • If all the above fails, just say this:

  • Because you’re helping to boost the economy
  • Some lameness on a Sunday noon never hurts right? 😀

    And I shall end this port with another picture

    Whirlwind of Shoots


    I survived the back-to-back 9 hours shoot 😀 *feels so accomplished* Now waiting for confirmation of final selections.

    Shooting more beauty nowadays, and driving myself nuts in Photoshop because I want the skin to be annoyingly perfect lol.

    This girl is just adorable, but she was so tired after the shoot due to her been working since morning.

    And last but not least, an experimental piece. Guess I can feel more confident about trying out certain styles now.