Color Flashes

Woah apparently I photographed one of the top models in Men’s Fashion Week and didn’t even know it. Talk about being slow and ignorant. Haha. I’ve rediscovered the love of harsh sunlight, and seriously, it’s worth getting baked under the sun for results like these:

My favorite shot of the day 🙂 And two of the most beautiful models I have photographed so far.

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Wardrobe styling: Winnie Loo
Makeup: Geraldine Lim
Models: Stefano K (Carrie Models) & Aleksandra K (Carrie Models)
Complete set HERE

Something unpleasant happened, but I’m glad that we all pulled through the shoot still and produce images like the one above, love you all!

I was on some color orgasm (whatever that means) when I was processing this set, everything just sets so nicely together 😀

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Models: Nikola M (Style House) & Bojan J (Phantom Models)
See the complete set HERE.

And also a few sneak previews from the shoot on Sunday!

Photography/styling: Shirley Zhong
Makeup/hair: Zennie C

More to come soon! 😀 (Yes just done another shoot today, so more pictures!)

Short-lived Break + LASALLE

The break I have been going on and on about taking didn’t last long. After one day of doing absolutely nothing I got very depressed. Not good.

But anyway~ the shots I’ve done for the LaSalle graduates are now printed and released!

So happy. A real tearsheet! 😀 And hopefully more to come!

And now, I’m kind of back to my usual again. Planning shoots and more shoots. I have tons of new works coming up soon, so you better stay tuned!

And More to Come…

My arm has never felt so tired, throwing the fabric on your own while holding the camera and shooting with one hand is tough job for my miserable tiny wrist lol.

Anyway, I have more new works coming soon, after tomorrow there will be a huge update of works to my website 😀 Stay tune for it!

And if you haven’t notice, my blog header has a new image now *points upwards* Enjoy.

Patience and Positivity

Your time will come.

This was what a friend told me before, and told me again before he left. I’m feeling the kind of anxiety and stress to achieve something quick. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m stepping into another era in terms of age soon, I’ve ran out of time for certain things.

I need to be patient.

I keep telling myself that. Honestly all the recent happenings seem to be a series of tests on my patience. I get agitated, frustrated and annoyed pretty easy, but then again it only seem to apply when it comes to work. I actually found myself to be pretty mellow about a lot of things, and yet I’m all tensed up and at times, intimidating when it involves work.

I need to be more patient and stay positive.

I need to focus. There are so many things I need to learn. I’ve been trying to do a lot of things on my own nowadays. I don’t have the luxury of having a full team to work with me all the time. I wish I have.

March seemed to take a long time to end, and April seemed to be over before I could even blink my eyes. And l’ve somewhat wind up with a bunch of photos that I’ve not had the time to post here. And nevertheless, here is one of my favorite out of the April bunch 😀

Photography/styling/makeup: Shirley Zhong
Model: Courtney C