Let the World Cut Me

O.M.G. Till I started playing with Instagram I didn’t realize how much I missed the random photo blogging I used to do in my other (now dead) blog.

I started it back then as a form of therapy for myself, to say things metaphorically, so to express how I felt about certain things, events, people etc.

I should start doing more of this from now on, seems like I’m going to need it alot.

I update like a mad person on my Instagram, if you’re interested in following me, search for saharasnow!

Sky Fall

It has been so long. I guess I’ve finally reached the state which I’d feel indifferent now. 8 years is enough time to stitch up some wounds.

I’ve stopped visiting for a couple of years, because my incapability in handling myself made me feel that I could not face you like I did before. But trust me, every year I’d remember.

How are you now, L?

You’d probably laugh at me now. So many things have changed. Some bonds were broken. With an easy snap on one side. Some things were damaged, unrepairable.

I’m still mustering up the courage to face you. So I could, perhaps continue to maintain your impression of me being a strong woman.

Side Track a Bit

Been somehow feeling a bit uninspired lately, and also tired. So I spent some time away, reading online, watching movies, documentaries, then I started shooting random things.

Like I used to do. I missed this feeling so much. I should do this more often.

My stack of new business cards that I had printed! 😀

Let’s hope that I get my motivation and inspiration back and fast, well a workaholic is a workaholic hahaha. I just want to work non-stop till I drop.