The Big Three Oh

Okay so, erm, happy birthday to myself! I’ve survived another decade! I’ve never really feel like I’ve grown up or anything, feels just the same as… when I first graduated from Polytechnic I guess?

A lot of things happened, but most of those were kind of like, the current underneath the surface. You won’t really see them, or they’re not so in-your-face kind of obvious. But they do caused a lot of stirs in me.

But when I looked at things sometimes, I could understand a lot of things and reasons and whatever. I just wish I could deal with them better.

Eostre’s Dreams

This was probably the first model who was excited with the location, as she told me, she was so busy that she never had the chance to visit Botanic Garden, and when she was informed that she was going to have a shoot there, she felt like it was God sent.

She was so adorable, haha.

Photography/styling: Shirley Zhong
Makeup/hair: Janice Pang
Model: Irina K (Upfront Models)

This shoot really wasn’t easy to arrange. I felt like it was cursed or something before it actually happened. For I had one of my worst flakes for the very first time, and also a huge case of miscommunication.

But perhaps, it was to prepare us for someone who was so lovely to work with 🙂

Conversation with the Sky

Been to Hong Kong and back, nice place for shopping, stylist paradise apparently, I so want to go back for more clothes!

Has been quite dead for the past month, feeling absolutely uninspired and demotivated for a lot of things. To the point that I couldn’t create? Now that’s a serious issue.

So I started distracting myself here and there. Then I discovered (finally?) Instagram. It’s highly addictive I assure you, if you’re one that loves to take pictures of everything around you.

I’ve also went back to writing. I missed those days so much. So I started creating fanvids of my favorite fandom, then went back to writing. I started off clumsy of course, since I have stopped for 5 years. But I think it is time for me to pick up where I left it. I don’t like unfinished stuffs, especially after I started it.

I think with my recent years experience, my writing has sort of changed. I honestly think I’ve been very childish in the way I write 5 years ago. I don’t know how my readers could have tolerated them. But I’m very, very grateful that they did, and had helped me in every way to improve my writing.

Though I write fanfictions, I write for fun. I am very biased when it comes to pairings of course, since it is now my kind of self indulgence, a small sanctuary for me to get away from the world for a while. Spend quality time with myself and myself only. This is probably the only thing I could create without any second or third party. It’s the same as drawing I guess.

Character voices, movements, environments, everything danced around freely without restraint in my mind, my world. I create without anything to hold me back. True freedom.

Love it.

I cannot live without it.

I’m so glad to be creating again. And no doubt in my mind, these little side projects will help to fuel my dried up mind for photography. Hopefully, fire up my motivation once again to keep running.

Because as Grace Coddington said.

You need to keep charging ahead, can’t stay behind.