I orignally planned for a bright sunny shoot, but someone up there was pissed at me I guessed, and decided to pour some really heavy rain on the day of my shoot.

But no fear! For we shoot in any weather. At the toilet. LOL.

And… here are the results 😀

Full set here: Brave the Storm

Brave the Storm

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup: Karen Ho
Model: Erika P / Upfront Models
Assistants: John Cheong, Chris Soo

I really love her face, so gorgeous and versatile.

Did I mention I had two models that day? XD Here is the second part!

Full set here: Eye of Storm

Eye of Storm

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup:Karen Ho
Model: Masha M / Upfront Models
Assistants: John Cheong, Chris Soo

I tried a little different kind of processing for this set to suit the mood and atmosphere. Check them out^^

Wild Cat on Stage

She was my number one choice to shoot with when the booker emailed me a bunch of compcards. The process to finally getting down to shooting her was just, well, let’s just say quite a lot of troubles.

The preparations, logistics and arrangements of everything was just hellish. And then it rained. I almost want to burst out cursing and swearing but oh well.

What made this shoot so much more better and enjoyable was the team, and the model was really, really fun to shoot with 😀

All clothing designs by Chiang Xiao Jun.

And then we went to the last look, which I told her just do whatever she wants. And pictures like this came out:


Team credits:

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Clothing Designer: Chiang Xiao Jun
Makeup/hair: Hadi VA
Model: Ani / Upfront Models
Assistant: Chris Soo

Days later, I got to work with her again for a magazine spread, and once again, I got one of my favorite picture, can’t wait to release that picture! 😀