Tenth Day of 2012

I’ve been swarmed with photoshoots and of course, a monstrous pile of backlogs since the last post. You know what they said about when they came, they came together. But still, I’ve not been very productive. It seems that my organization skill had went out of control or something.

My neck problem seemed to have make a comeback recently, that familiar sharp pain in between the joints of my backbone and neck was almost unbearable. I spent a few days making full use of the massage machine that my sister left behind in Singapore, and oh my gosh… I think I found a new addiction.

Updating this blog finally after a month or almost two, because I’ve almost ran out of things to procrastinate and I’d like to think that my pile of images are pretty much done. So now all is left is just sending them out and hopefully everybody check their emails lol.

Weather has not been nice, especially after I had a few shoots confirmed and lined up, so here’s hoping for the best!