I Took Off From the World

…for about almost half a year?

Looking back at past entries and stuffs, all those frustrations just held me behind and, figuring that this was just not going to work well for me, I decided to leave the circles for a short while. I got involved in other things, while still continuing photography, though much more subtle and quiet nowadays. After mixing around with some other people from the other part of the world, I’m so pleased to inform that I’ve been approached to write a piece of fanfiction to contribute to a fanbook that would be publishing and on sale next year! I even have one of the contributing artists to draw for my fic ;_;, so honored!

I know, it’s just a fanbook, but still, it was quite an exciting news for me, considering that I’ve never contributed any writing materials before. I can’t wait! But I’d have to finish writing the fanfiction first :p

Photography, as mentioned before, I was never one to achieve success or anything in a short time. In those dark days, I kept telling myself my time will come. So I waited patiently. I wouldn’t say that I’m somebody now, but the inquiries are increasing, and I cannot be more grateful. After all, what is more important than survival?

I’ve finally done the beach shoot I’ve been dying to shoot since I started meddling around in the model and fashion photography genre. I will have more shoots lined up soon and I can’t wait to get started!