Searching for Paradise

Complete set of the blood and tears shoot here: WANDERLAND

To be completely honest, the most recent shoot that was done had been one of the sources of stress for me for the past couple of months. You know sometimes when you want everything to be perfect so much you drive yourself up the wall and over by worrying about every single thing about it, and when you tried to forget it once in a while, it just turned around and gave you a nasty bite to remind you of its presence.

The logistics and arrangement of the whole team was almost to the brink of a complete nightmare for me. I’m not kidding.

Especially the last minute cock ups almost gave me a sever headache, but I refused to cancel or postpone it any further because I knew I’d lost the motivation to do anything else if I don’t do it. So we all pushed on and we completed it and OMG I was so freaking relieved. The team was just wonderful, thank you everyone!

And now, I have at least another couple more shoot before the year is over. Hopefully I’d do one in KL.

Oh yes, I’m going up to KL in December for Comicfiesta. And of course, cheap pedicure and shopping! Oooh can’t wait!

Last but not least, my team will be organizing a Food Photography workshop on December 8th 2012. Not only will we walk you through the steps in understanding food photography, you’d get the chance to shoot the delicious Scottish meal from the restaurant where the workshop will be held, and then eat it after you’re done shooting! So come join us!

Dream Away, Drift Away

Never stop doing test shoots. Because you never know what one shoot can lead to.

A couple of shoots ago, I finally did the beach shoot that I’ve been dying to try out. As I was thinking “Hey, I should do another one soon”, Cintia Rosa came into the picture. So we talked a bit and agreed on a date to do the shoot.

Then the day finally arrived, and to my surprise, the location could not be accessed.

I was frustrated because I could have avoid it, so quick decisions need to be made. We immediately settled on rushing to an alternative location. It was a bit troublesome to get to, but it was totally worth it. We walked down the beach and finally settled to a more secluded area.

We had a beautiful sky that day, it was just amazing, how could one side of the island be so different from the other side. We gotten the sky that we could not get in Singapore mainland. I was happy. The sunlight may not be perfect but it gave me beautifully lit pictures. Maybe, the obstacle in the morning was a hint, or rather, a direct push and force to make me change my direction.

I’d definitely make a trip back here again. We rarely find such places in the mainland anymore. Sometimes we just need to put in a little more effort. Check out the complete album on my Behance portfolio 🙂

Complete album here: Dream Away, Drift Away

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Styling/makeup/model: Cintia Rosa / Diva Models
Assistant: Chris Soo