SkyScraper and the Crow


Full shoot HERE

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup: Belinda Betz
Stylist/hair: Gian Carlo
Model: Bella H / Looque
Assistants: Chris Soo, John Cheong

Worked with the wonderful wardrobe stylist from Canada, Gian Carlo and beautiful, beautiful Bella H from Looque. OMG love her look. The shoot actually went fine till it suddenly decided to rain -extremely- heavily on me (again). I was kind of devastated, and we still had two more looks to go but the rain just didn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. Well, I could, of course just went on, but I hesitated. I had the whole storyboard thought out and this rain wasn’t in the script at all.

I was initially thinking, okay fine we could retreat to the carpark below to continue shooting but didn’t make it. We went on and shoot the third look. I got nice photos but a part of me was screaming at me that despite the fantastic styling and work from the model, this picture just wasn’t going to work in the series. I was beginning to lose patience. Then, suddenly the rain stopped. I was like OMG QUICK GET HER BACK INTO THE PREVIOUS OUTFIT! I reshoot it and got exactly what I wanted. Now everything fits in perfectly, I was happy.


Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup/hair: Hadi VA
Model: Betty Flies / Phantom Models
Assistants: Chris Soo, John Cheong

OMG HAVEN’T WORKED WITH HADI FOR SO LONG. And YES! Finally did the look that I’ve been dying to try out for months! So happy that Betty was such a sport and so professional. Thank you the whole team for bearing with my insane decision to shoot inside this mess of trees and mosquitoes and hideous sun and heat and everything you could think of that was torturous at an outdoor shoot.

Crow is my personal project. I’ve been wanting to do something like a mix of edgy modern fashion in urban locations. A significance of the urge and need to return to the nature, to regain the innocence we lost in the big concrete jungle out there.

So, my last post for 2012. And now I need to get back to rushing out more stuffs. Deadline is today and I’m nowhere near even half or quarter done *dies*