The Satire of the Forces in Fashion

The Forces in Fashion

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Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup/hair: Karen Ho
Fashion stylist: Lim Liqing
Models: Kasia S + Kasia Z / Looque (We call them the K twins lol *no they’re not twins*)
Assistant: Chris Soo

I was a big fan of the documentary movie, The September Issue. Everyone knows I’ve watched it for (insert any amount)th time and was still fascinated over the works behind the scene. But it has never really dawned on me to do anything about it, until one day inspiration just struck me, out of nowhere, I swear.

A lot of editorials were done with models portraying designers. I was thinking why not portray some other roles? Then I started thinking about the roles in the fashion industry, the forces that continuously pushed this industry forward and kept it strong and running like, forever. So ideas started brewing, and I didn’t really want to do another “portray xxx” editorial, so with a little bit of twist, I decided the models should portray how they perceive the different roles, and exaggerate it. The initial model choices did not really work out, and I could not find the time to decide on the clothes and makeup, hence the plan was KIV.

It was about a month later that I decided to pick up the project again, after engaging the wardrobe stylist and was surprised that one of the models that I really wanted to shoot was back in town. I had the chance to see how the girls moved and performed in a job and I was sure that I wanted to use these girls for this project. Then I was being asked one of the key questions: where to shoot.

A background would be, my personal opinion, a bit too much for a colorful themed shoot. So I chose to go back to the studio, with the standard three lights and a white background. The white background was being blew out with two lights attached with softboxes, and the key light attached the beauty dish with sock, positioned at an almost top down level.

The girls were simply wonderful, they moved, made funny faces and played with a lot of facial expressions. I was impressed with the speed of the makeup artist, being able to change the hairstyle at such quick speed, and how she took my moodboard for the makeup to the next level and be daring to experiment with colors. The wardrobe stylist actually made some small props for the shoot! Really love the clashing of the colors on the models, so full of life and vibrancy!

Overall, I was really happy with the results, the processing was faster than usual because the girls had great skin and the makeup artist really did a fantastic job, that required very minimum to almost no retouching on the faces.

And now…

I have two more personal projects in mind, one of them I’d expect it to be running for a long time, hopefully I’d have the time to start them soon!