Misty Days

Well, not really misty since you barely get any here to start with. But the haze around had been very depressing, my eyes were watering a lot and yet still dry, the irony. Despite of all these, I was still doing a lot of outdoor shoots, for whatever reasons I don’t know (seriously) _(:3」∠)_


One of my favorite images from all the recent test shoots. I had the honor of working with Tomy Rivero from NYC/LA, and I was totally in awe of his makeup skills! I’ve never had images which I didn’t need to do anything for the makeup at all, so I managed to finish these images earlier than expected.

Been doing a couple of F&B shoots lately, and that was definitely not good for my (forever in progress) diet plan _(:3」∠)_

The final draft for Maglev was finally submitted to the editor, so now I’m just waiting for the final announcement of the fanbook to be released. I’m excited, and apparently there is even going to be an advertising video for it!

These days I couldn’t really remember a lot of things, think my brain was placed elsewhere instead of my head. I was hoping to plan a trip to Shanghai or HK again, but with the flu going around and the disasters happening, seems that I’d need to either choose another place for holiday or just stay in SG and try to stay relaxed.