Ghosting Around

I’ve been a ghost.

Usually I’d be so active within a certain period, and then I’d totally disappear, usually with no apparent reasons. With the invention of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such has greatly affected my blogging. I used to blog a lot, even had difficulties of staying away from it for more than three days. Now? I’d actually vanished for more than three months Orz.

People always tells me I seemed so busy, though I’ve never seen myself as a busy person. I used to believe that I need to be shooting all the time, but after years of doing so I found that it drained me way too much and it became painful. One might say that maybe because I do not have a strong passion for photography. I disagree. Creating has always been my passion, photography is just one of them. I create, all the time, be it pictures or words. When I get tired in photography, I’d turn to writing, and vice versa. Speaking of writing, which I bring an exciting news (for me at least), the Gintama fanbook that I’ve contributed is finally officially released. And look! I shot the product images too 😀


Seeing the fanfiction I wrote printed on physical paper, I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than it was really awesome ❤

Singapore has survived the disastrous haze, though it wasn't entirely over yet but at least I wasn't choking over the smog now. Did quite a number of shoots and to be honest, I couldn't remember how much now Orz. I'd blog them individually for another day!