Sometimes it’s worth the Wait

I remember when I first started shooting models, I actually shot more male models than female models. There was this strange period of time which I could not remember how, but I got more requests from male models than female models for test shoots. After a while, naturally I started to groan how I need more girls in my portfolio.

Then the streak broke.

Now I have more than enough girls in my book than I could ask for. I started looking at male models again when the booker asked if I’d like to shoot any. I browsed the nicely laid out compcards on the wall of the agency and immediately I knew who I’d like to test. But arrangements somehow, was never made, and the model left town soon after. I moved on and then some time later, the same model returned. Yet no plan was made to shoot him or whatever. Until a few weeks before he was to leave for Hong Kong. The booker told me that he was looking for test shoots. So I said let’s do it.

As usual, I was always nervous before a shoot. I worried about things that could go wrong. But everything went well eventually, we got pictures that we were looking for, and I avoided being ran over by cars. Because I was trying to get the picture while shooting in the middle of a busy road in town. I survived to bring you this set of images of fun and (according to friends) hawt Daniel Vlad.




The first two were shot with natural light, it was the beautiful 3-4pm light that fell just in the right position, shining through the trees nearly gave interesting shadows on Daniel. The third image was shot with flash to fill to give the image more punch.