Because I’m so not creative when it comes to titles, as you can see I’m always having problems naming my images, and sometimes my fics too.

This blog almost went dead, like any of my previous ones (except Livejournal, I used to spam a lot back in its glory days). It just can’t compete with the convenience of Instagram that allows me to upload and update within minutes. But writing (or in this case, typing) has always been kind of… well fun for me, so I guess this blog is not going anywhere.

I can’t really recall much of what happened in 2013 now, there were so many shoots and I myself cannot keep up with the amount. But I guess I can always use more (…).

Inspirations went dead for a while, I’m not kidding. It’s not like I’ve ran out of ideas but I think its more like I’ve ran out of motivations. And this is getting more and more frequent that I’m freaking out. The fear of not improving and failure held me back, and I just want to run away from them, bad habit as always. I don’t know how am I going to convince people that I’m really trying to pick myself up. Those two years of hell has a long term effect on me and its not going to go away that easily. I’ve went through it myself and I know how it felt.

I’m still trying.

I really am.

Here’s hoping that I’d grow stronger and better in the new year. And for many years to come.

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