Testing New Faces

Over the years since I’ve started shooting models, I’ve tested and contributed to many new faces’ portfolio in the industry. But usually, the new faces that I’ve tested had at least went through some little experience in their own countries, so all I needed to do was to try to pull a bit more out of their shells.


Now it was very different when it comes to working with models who had almost or just zero experience. They were usually not very comfortable with their own body or face yet (though there were exceptions, depending on their personalities too), and even not comfortable with having the thought of themselves as someone who was beautiful. The problems that I always faced with these fresh blood was they held back too much due to insecurities. Now I didn’t mean it in a bad way, but we were all insecure about certain things ourselves so it was entirely normal. Especially when one worried too much about how they should looked in front of the camera.

So I’d say, leave that worry to the photographer.

Have fun, play and experiment. Be wild, if you were overboard, be assured that photographer would let you know. You need to trust the photographer to capture that one in a million second moment, that passing smirk you didn’t even realized you were doing, emotions that escaped your eyes. It didn’t matter what poses you need to do, the posing came naturally when you were feeling it. Don’t pose like a mannequin, express your feelings through the movement and subtle posing with your body language.

And then, see the magic unfolds.