A Missing Year

I never realized how long it has been since the last time I blogged anything here. Every year I seem to lean towards things that are much more convenient and simple when it comes to updates, eg. Instagram (and by the way you can find me there @saharasnow).

However, I can’t really say my Instagram has been -that- active either, considering that I uploaded less than 100 photos to my account for 2015. It was a quiet year, and I took my time to look back and think: where did I came from? I briefly went back to where I started: Cosplay, and while not really gaining in photography wise, I’ve gained a lot of friends.

I experienced my first image theft (gasp!), and basically, I made a huge hoo-ha and alerted the moderator to take the imposter down.

As mentioned, 2015 was quiet, very quiet in fact. The year actually slipped by me, and I didn’t really know it to be very honest. It seemed as though I went into a hibernation unknowingly.

I was very depressed, and extremely unmotivated, even now. I grew tired, weary, and was almost ready to throw in the towel. My works were going nowhere, and I ran dry of inspirations. There were many ideas and stories in my head, but I couldn’t find the drive to bring them to life, it was one of the worst feelings I had ever experienced.

It was very hard for me to talk to anybody about it. Not kidding when I said that.

Once I wrapped up some works at the last quarter of the year, I stopped shooting. Completely. I didn’t touch my camera for as long as I remember, until the shoot I did for myself. My business partner was going to shoot with a traveling model who was in town, I decided well why not? I don’t have anything on hand anyway.

The habit of shooting for somebody was a bit hard to shake. Throughout the shoot I kept thinking about shooting it so that it will benefit the model, but then again hey! I paid for her to work something I need. That was my shoot. It was scary to me, how I have completely forgotten how to shoot for myself.

I ended the shoot with almost 400 images in my camera, and my business partner commented that I rarely had that much images for all of my test shoots throughout the years. And I thought, wow, really?

It probably meant you enjoyed the shoot and was actually having fun creating images that you want.

Such a wake up call.

I forgot how to have fun, and create. And that drained the life out of me, and my works. Maybe, I need to start doing things more for myself.


Weeks later, I arranged for another shoot with another model that I’ve worked with frequently. And I got exactly what I needed in that one image. I got to experiment with something new, and get my concept across, I was happy.

Regardless of whether other people like it, that image meant something to me, and that is the most important thing.


And since it is Thursday, that calls for a throwback. I’m going to throwback some of the works done back in 2015 lol.

Lookbook shoot for August Society


Fun facts: There was one point when Paula (the model) actually slipped and fell into the sea, well I panicked a bit when it happened and instinctively stood up to try to help, and blocked the videographer who was shooting the behind-the-scenes, hence unfortunately we didn’t had any of those precious footage (oops). The team had battled through the insane weather and millions of mosquitoes, I didn’t know how we survived.


This was an outtake from another lookbook shoot, this time with the newly relaunched AndWellDressed. The model, Maggie Rose was absolutely gorgeous, quite evident in the image above. Unfortunately my favorite out of the whole set was an outtake, it didn’t make the final cut.

And among all the things, I’ve shot a set of pre wedding images for my friend Masako from KL, together with her fun and loving now husband, Fang.



^Aren’t they precious? Hahaha.

I’ve also managed to make it to the Tokyo Steam Garden, a steampunk party that my friend Eldred, has been telling me about. I’d say it was quite an eye opener, and I really loved how much efforts the guests put into their costumes and props!

Here is hoping for a more productive year, let’s do this, 2016.