Ghosting Around

I’ve been a ghost.

Usually I’d be so active within a certain period, and then I’d totally disappear, usually with no apparent reasons. With the invention of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such has greatly affected my blogging. I used to blog a lot, even had difficulties of staying away from it for more than three days. Now? I’d actually vanished for more than three months Orz.

People always tells me I seemed so busy, though I’ve never seen myself as a busy person. I used to believe that I need to be shooting all the time, but after years of doing so I found that it drained me way too much and it became painful. One might say that maybe because I do not have a strong passion for photography. I disagree. Creating has always been my passion, photography is just one of them. I create, all the time, be it pictures or words. When I get tired in photography, I’d turn to writing, and vice versa. Speaking of writing, which I bring an exciting news (for me at least), the Gintama fanbook that I’ve contributed is finally officially released. And look! I shot the product images too 😀


Seeing the fanfiction I wrote printed on physical paper, I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than it was really awesome ❤

Singapore has survived the disastrous haze, though it wasn't entirely over yet but at least I wasn't choking over the smog now. Did quite a number of shoots and to be honest, I couldn't remember how much now Orz. I'd blog them individually for another day!



I’m excited to announce that the Gintama fanbook that I’m contributing to (which I mentioned in previous posts before) is now available for pre-order! Image was by Chibi, unfortunately she doesn’t has a personal portfolio site or so but I assure you she does really awesome artworks. The contribution I made, was a short story by the way, hopefully I won’t bore anyone to death.

This fanbook can be considered as an international, or at least an Asia effort I guess. Collaborations include writers and artists from China, HK and Japan! This book will features not only short novels, but also beautiful fan art as well as doujin mangas! I’m truly excited, can’t wait for official release!

If you are interested in Gintama, and is a fan of the pairing of Okita Sougo and Kagura, then please! Help spread the words around to support us! If you are interested in acquiring a copy for your own, please go to the official website for more information!

Psssst. There will be free gifts along with pre-orders!

Important note: The book is in Mandarin.