I’ve first worked with Melissa when I was in KL for Comicfiesta 2012, and thought that maybe I can squeeze in a shoot while I was there. Melissa was wonderful, she wasn’t taken back by the huge crowd of KL and remained calm the whole time without getting distracted. A year later when I decided to make another trip to KL again, I asked her if she still is interested to shoot, and her answer totally made my day.

I’ve experimented a few things that I’ve always wanted to try but always fears of failing and wasting people’s time. Thank goodness for Melissa who was so patient with me while I keep adjusting the lighting and trying out different angles and effects. I cannot be thankful enough for a patient and cooperative model. I still have more images to process but I usually retouch those that I liked best first 😛




I’m also learning other ways in directing the models to pull emotions out of them, despite that I’m actually somewhat socially awkward (this will be the death of me for sure) _(:3」∠)_ So not Leo, I know. Trying my best to change.

After the KL trip, I made two more travels to Hong Kong, the second one being to Hong Kong Fashion week. I’d say that I’m quite impressed with its scale and what it can provide. I’d really highly recommend local designers and even stylists to attempt to make a visit at least once, there are many treasures that you can dig from there. I’d write a more complete one in the next update, with pictures! 😀

Hong Kong, I was freezing my ass off to be honest. I should really pack more warm clothes the next time I visit during the winter. The wind was so much more chilly than I expected, even my thick wool scarf cannot save me. Being someone who is low blood pressure, I’m kind of vulnerable to cold ya.

A huge trip was planned for the second half of the year, and I’m really, really looking forward to it 😀 Tokyo, Japan!!!!!! *rolls around excited*


Putting my newer works together in a row and compare them with my older works, I think it does shows the differences. At least the color tones I think. Improvement or just a slight change in direction/style/whatever? I don’t really know, but I don’t think I’d care much either.

Japan trip was exhausting. The agony of following a tour group, made me miss my free and easy trips. I really do not fancy having to change hotels everyday, the unpacking and packing were ridiculous, especially in winter.

Looked through the photos, processed them a bit, and again Japan had proved to me that sunlight is more friendly and beautiful overseas as compared to Singapore. The colors all turned out beautiful, just like my Sydney and Switzerland pictures.

I want to have a shoot here… one day.

And now I can finally release the series of pictures I took last year.

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Model: Jeannie King
Makeup/Hair: Nikki Fu
Wardrobe: Facioun Toast
Fashion Stylist: Winnie Loo

Totally awesome team. Love them all ❤ There are more pictures of course, just check out any one of my other galleries for full series. This set was inspired by Le Cirque de Karakuri, a manga series I really love, though the art may not be as appealing as many series now. It's not pretty, it's pretty raw and I like it 🙂

Make a Wish

Another year has passed, now even the Lunar new year is here. I do feel a little regret not writing down my wish when I was in Japan last week. Just a little. Ya.

I’m still feeling kind of tired right now, the trip itself was totally draining. Will update with more pictures soon when I feel better.

Land of Mountains and Snow Pt 1

Switzerland is a beautiful country surrounded by mountains and mountains of snow. Unfortunately the people don’t speak English. Yes you read that right, they don’t speak English. So communication was basically a problem, but thank goodness for my sister’s friend who is a local Swiss-German, we didn’t get lost in translation lol.

I’m just not talented to take marvelous scenery pictures, since I mostly looked at very small things around me.

Where the gold bars are lol.

It was actually staring at a camel.

Mountain top, about 2000 feet off ground, was freezing because the wind was so strong and I just recovered from fever…

A little birdy hopping around outside the window on the mountain top.

…To be continued! Stay tuned!