Sometimes it’s worth the Wait

I remember when I first started shooting models, I actually shot more male models than female models. There was this strange period of time which I could not remember how, but I got more requests from male models than female models for test shoots. After a while, naturally I started to groan how I need more girls in my portfolio.

Then the streak broke.

Now I have more than enough girls in my book than I could ask for. I started looking at male models again when the booker asked if I’d like to shoot any. I browsed the nicely laid out compcards on the wall of the agency and immediately I knew who I’d like to test. But arrangements somehow, was never made, and the model left town soon after. I moved on and then some time later, the same model returned. Yet no plan was made to shoot him or whatever. Until a few weeks before he was to leave for Hong Kong. The booker told me that he was looking for test shoots. So I said let’s do it.

As usual, I was always nervous before a shoot. I worried about things that could go wrong. But everything went well eventually, we got pictures that we were looking for, and I avoided being ran over by cars. Because I was trying to get the picture while shooting in the middle of a busy road in town. I survived to bring you this set of images of fun and (according to friends) hawt Daniel Vlad.




The first two were shot with natural light, it was the beautiful 3-4pm light that fell just in the right position, shining through the trees nearly gave interesting shadows on Daniel. The third image was shot with flash to fill to give the image more punch.

Ghosting Around

I’ve been a ghost.

Usually I’d be so active within a certain period, and then I’d totally disappear, usually with no apparent reasons. With the invention of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such has greatly affected my blogging. I used to blog a lot, even had difficulties of staying away from it for more than three days. Now? I’d actually vanished for more than three months Orz.

People always tells me I seemed so busy, though I’ve never seen myself as a busy person. I used to believe that I need to be shooting all the time, but after years of doing so I found that it drained me way too much and it became painful. One might say that maybe because I do not have a strong passion for photography. I disagree. Creating has always been my passion, photography is just one of them. I create, all the time, be it pictures or words. When I get tired in photography, I’d turn to writing, and vice versa. Speaking of writing, which I bring an exciting news (for me at least), the Gintama fanbook that I’ve contributed is finally officially released. And look! I shot the product images too 😀


Seeing the fanfiction I wrote printed on physical paper, I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than it was really awesome ❤

Singapore has survived the disastrous haze, though it wasn't entirely over yet but at least I wasn't choking over the smog now. Did quite a number of shoots and to be honest, I couldn't remember how much now Orz. I'd blog them individually for another day!

Misty Days

Well, not really misty since you barely get any here to start with. But the haze around had been very depressing, my eyes were watering a lot and yet still dry, the irony. Despite of all these, I was still doing a lot of outdoor shoots, for whatever reasons I don’t know (seriously) _(:3」∠)_


One of my favorite images from all the recent test shoots. I had the honor of working with Tomy Rivero from NYC/LA, and I was totally in awe of his makeup skills! I’ve never had images which I didn’t need to do anything for the makeup at all, so I managed to finish these images earlier than expected.

Been doing a couple of F&B shoots lately, and that was definitely not good for my (forever in progress) diet plan _(:3」∠)_

The final draft for Maglev was finally submitted to the editor, so now I’m just waiting for the final announcement of the fanbook to be released. I’m excited, and apparently there is even going to be an advertising video for it!

These days I couldn’t really remember a lot of things, think my brain was placed elsewhere instead of my head. I was hoping to plan a trip to Shanghai or HK again, but with the flu going around and the disasters happening, seems that I’d need to either choose another place for holiday or just stay in SG and try to stay relaxed.

The Satire of the Forces in Fashion

The Forces in Fashion

See the complete set HERE

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup/hair: Karen Ho
Fashion stylist: Lim Liqing
Models: Kasia S + Kasia Z / Looque (We call them the K twins lol *no they’re not twins*)
Assistant: Chris Soo

I was a big fan of the documentary movie, The September Issue. Everyone knows I’ve watched it for (insert any amount)th time and was still fascinated over the works behind the scene. But it has never really dawned on me to do anything about it, until one day inspiration just struck me, out of nowhere, I swear.

A lot of editorials were done with models portraying designers. I was thinking why not portray some other roles? Then I started thinking about the roles in the fashion industry, the forces that continuously pushed this industry forward and kept it strong and running like, forever. So ideas started brewing, and I didn’t really want to do another “portray xxx” editorial, so with a little bit of twist, I decided the models should portray how they perceive the different roles, and exaggerate it. The initial model choices did not really work out, and I could not find the time to decide on the clothes and makeup, hence the plan was KIV.

It was about a month later that I decided to pick up the project again, after engaging the wardrobe stylist and was surprised that one of the models that I really wanted to shoot was back in town. I had the chance to see how the girls moved and performed in a job and I was sure that I wanted to use these girls for this project. Then I was being asked one of the key questions: where to shoot.

A background would be, my personal opinion, a bit too much for a colorful themed shoot. So I chose to go back to the studio, with the standard three lights and a white background. The white background was being blew out with two lights attached with softboxes, and the key light attached the beauty dish with sock, positioned at an almost top down level.

The girls were simply wonderful, they moved, made funny faces and played with a lot of facial expressions. I was impressed with the speed of the makeup artist, being able to change the hairstyle at such quick speed, and how she took my moodboard for the makeup to the next level and be daring to experiment with colors. The wardrobe stylist actually made some small props for the shoot! Really love the clashing of the colors on the models, so full of life and vibrancy!

Overall, I was really happy with the results, the processing was faster than usual because the girls had great skin and the makeup artist really did a fantastic job, that required very minimum to almost no retouching on the faces.

And now…

I have two more personal projects in mind, one of them I’d expect it to be running for a long time, hopefully I’d have the time to start them soon!



I’m excited to announce that the Gintama fanbook that I’m contributing to (which I mentioned in previous posts before) is now available for pre-order! Image was by Chibi, unfortunately she doesn’t has a personal portfolio site or so but I assure you she does really awesome artworks. The contribution I made, was a short story by the way, hopefully I won’t bore anyone to death.

This fanbook can be considered as an international, or at least an Asia effort I guess. Collaborations include writers and artists from China, HK and Japan! This book will features not only short novels, but also beautiful fan art as well as doujin mangas! I’m truly excited, can’t wait for official release!

If you are interested in Gintama, and is a fan of the pairing of Okita Sougo and Kagura, then please! Help spread the words around to support us! If you are interested in acquiring a copy for your own, please go to the official website for more information!

Psssst. There will be free gifts along with pre-orders!

Important note: The book is in Mandarin.

Fire Out


So I missed out the whole of January to blog anything at all. I’ve done shoots but somehow, they seemed to be in a haze. For the first time, I found myself in a state that I just didn’t have any motivation to start processing any images at all. I guessed the flu didn’t help.

At the moment, I’m at least three shoots behind with regards to the backlog. Yet I still could not find the motivation to do anything. It was very unfair to my team that I kept delaying these pictures, but I could not produce anything in my current state without feeling the need to tear everything up into pieces. Oh and yes, there is still a video waiting for me to be done. Orz

I have tons of ideas in my head that I wanted to do. I need the motivation to push it. And I need to stop caring too much on things I shouldn’t be caring.

SkyScraper and the Crow


Full shoot HERE

Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup: Belinda Betz
Stylist/hair: Gian Carlo
Model: Bella H / Looque
Assistants: Chris Soo, John Cheong

Worked with the wonderful wardrobe stylist from Canada, Gian Carlo and beautiful, beautiful Bella H from Looque. OMG love her look. The shoot actually went fine till it suddenly decided to rain -extremely- heavily on me (again). I was kind of devastated, and we still had two more looks to go but the rain just didn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. Well, I could, of course just went on, but I hesitated. I had the whole storyboard thought out and this rain wasn’t in the script at all.

I was initially thinking, okay fine we could retreat to the carpark below to continue shooting but didn’t make it. We went on and shoot the third look. I got nice photos but a part of me was screaming at me that despite the fantastic styling and work from the model, this picture just wasn’t going to work in the series. I was beginning to lose patience. Then, suddenly the rain stopped. I was like OMG QUICK GET HER BACK INTO THE PREVIOUS OUTFIT! I reshoot it and got exactly what I wanted. Now everything fits in perfectly, I was happy.


Photography: Shirley Zhong
Makeup/hair: Hadi VA
Model: Betty Flies / Phantom Models
Assistants: Chris Soo, John Cheong

OMG HAVEN’T WORKED WITH HADI FOR SO LONG. And YES! Finally did the look that I’ve been dying to try out for months! So happy that Betty was such a sport and so professional. Thank you the whole team for bearing with my insane decision to shoot inside this mess of trees and mosquitoes and hideous sun and heat and everything you could think of that was torturous at an outdoor shoot.

Crow is my personal project. I’ve been wanting to do something like a mix of edgy modern fashion in urban locations. A significance of the urge and need to return to the nature, to regain the innocence we lost in the big concrete jungle out there.

So, my last post for 2012. And now I need to get back to rushing out more stuffs. Deadline is today and I’m nowhere near even half or quarter done *dies*